For individuals

Traditional stockbroking for discerning investors
With our execution-only investment service you remain in control of your investments.

You have direct access to our professional and experienced dealing and operations team so you can be confident your trades are handled diligently and at institutional prices.

We can hold stock on your behalf and deal in a wide variety of securities including global equities, fixed income, funds, private companies and foreign currencies.

We can also offer professional individuals and professionally advised corporate entities opportunities to participate in Liberum transactions.

All your investments in one place
All of your investments can be held and reported in one place with our comprehensive nominee and custody service, including certificated stock, private company holdings and fund investments. We can also provide tax efficient wrappers for your investments, including SIPPs and ISAs.

It is your money and we respect that
We make handling and moving your money simple. Cash transfers to your requested bank accounts are seamless and if cash is tied up in your investments we have partners that may be able to lend against your portfolio.

For more information please contact Henry Freeman